Juniper Castellanos

Hello, my name is Juniper! I love to roleplay, talk about classes, and books! Feel free to call me June, or Juni!

Basic Information

Name:: Juniper Katerina Castellanos (Cast-El-Lan-Oh-s)

Age:: 17

Year:: 7

House:: Ravenclaw

Hatstall:: "You have traits for each house, smart as a Ravenclaw, ambitious as a Slytherin, brave as a Gryffindor, and kind as a Hufflepuff. Your smarts stand out strongly, but so does your ambition. You shall be put in RAVENCLAW but have the heart of a Slytherin."

Family Name:: Castellanos (Cas-Tel-Lan-Os), {Muggle Origin} Castellanos is a Spanish habitational surname with the meaning "[from a place founded or inhabited by] Castilians". Notable people with the surname include: Aarón Castellanos (1799–1880), Argentine businessman and military commander. Adolfo Jiménez Castellanos (1844–1929), last Spanish Governor General of Cuba {Magical Origin} Castellanos is a long line pure-blood family, full of Ravenclaws and Slytherins. It is a noble family, loyal to no one, taking no sides in battles. They have ambition that gives them reputation, and smarts that give them their wealthy life-syle.

Blood Type:: Pure-blood

Description:: Long blond hair, Blue eyes, Olive skin, Dark lashes, Tall figure

Traits:: "Smarts, Ambition, Kindness, Bravery, Sarcasm, Maturity

Family History:: The Castellanos are a well-known pure-blood family, that goes back hundreds of generations. Each generation there is one son and one daughter. The son is to marry a Ravenclaw, and the daughter to a Slytherin of their choice. The family is know for their smarts and ambition, or their "survival code". The ambition is for reputation and the smarts are for their wealthy life-syle. Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw had an affair,, once their child was born, they gave it the last name Castellanos, which was brought down generations. There has never been a house other than Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Family Ethnicity:: Hispanic/German/Irish/Canadian*


Early Years
Juniper Castellanos, was born May 23rd 2004 to Katerina Lepidus and Lukas Castellanos. By that time Mrs. Castellanos already had a young son, born just two years earlier called Marcellus. Just a year after the birth of Juniper's birth her mother was again impregnated, with a another daughter, all the family very unhappy that there was to be an extra child Mrs. Castellanos was forces to give the child to another family as soon as it was born. Katerina experienced a brief period of depression, but quickly got over it. Marcellus produced his first signs of magic at age three, after bewitching the cat to go through a window, as Marcellus was having a tantrum. Juniper's magical ability was questioned, until she was five, when she shattered multiple glass wear in the house. Worried that both children were showing their first signs of magic by breaking glass, that could harm someone Mr. And Mrs. Castellanos kept their children away from others until 2013 when Marcellus received his letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Soon after her brother left Juniper became impatient, waiting to go to the school two years later.

First school years
Juniper's brother was placed in Slytherin, as the usual, and at sorting the hat gave Juniper many hints that she was not in Ravenclaw. Terrified, Juniper begged the hat to put her in Ravenclaw, and so it did. The first year was rough for Juniper, mostly because of her dueling skills. Boys and girls alike challenged her, all to have lost. In Juniper's second year she met Instellar Ovarian, and she fell instantly head over heals for him. They went out until the middle of second year, when they started dating. After two months of dating Juniper found out he was seeing another girl, and was deviated. Her grades started falling and she was threatened to be expelled. Juniper knee she'd have to get over him at some point and so she decided not to waste any more time on him. She became top witch in all if her classes, and had many boys following her around, but she refused.

Third - Fifth year
During her fourth year, Juniper's brother was picked out of the Goblet of Fire, meaning he was to compete against other schools. Juniper was terrified for her brother, and spent all of her free time looking for way to help him stay safe. During the second tournament her brother was burnt badly by a dragon flame and disqualified. Juniper didn't care about the games and rushed to her brother's side. He was permanently unable to use his left arm, which left him heartbroken because it meant he could play quidditch. To make her brother happier, Juniper joined the quidditch team as a speaker, being so small. At first she was very bad, but soon she became a very good seeker.
She thought she was helping her brother, but instead she was making him jealous. He never went to any of her games, and always avoided questions about her. Hurt, Juniper was quick to find out what was wrong. She was disappointed, but quite the team, and went back to her normal self.
One time, as she was going to the library, she found her brother snogging a girl in her year. Feeling betrayed she refused to talk to her brother for months. By the end of the year, Marcellus had to promise never to snogg someone in her year, and would always tell her about it. It was truce and both siblings were happy.

Sixth year
Coming back for her second to last year was hard. Marcellus had finished the previous year and was an auror. Juniper was normal again. Just the smart girl who could duel. She was unhappy, but didn't need any problems so she kept her life going. But that year was one of Harry Potter's kid's first year, and everything was about James Potter. Jealous, Juniper raided his dorm, and shredded his broomstick. Everyone was horrified when they saw the mess, and poor James was crying. Feeling guilty Juniper turned herself in and got James a new broom. After that they became friendly, not friends as they were sux years apart but friendly.

Fun Fact::
Juniper is obsessed with Space, and the 20th century. She loves to talk everything Space, and will be your greatest friend if you love space!

Family and Photos

Katherine and Lukas

Katherine, Lukas and Marcellus

Katherine, Lukas, Marcellus, and Juniper

Juniper and Marcellus

Juniper - Age 6

Juniper - Age 12

Juniper - Age 15

Juniper - Age 17 (Now)

Role Play Rules

1. Minor swearing please, I'm not eighteen, so I'm still a minor

2. Try to keep it detailed! I don't want boring roleplays, those are no fun!

3. Please give me something to work with- I can't take it when someone say "I see my friend and I say hi".

4. Third person is the only thing I do, no "I wave to you" shit.

5. No asterisks! Unless we're having a normal conversation (I'm still reluctant, then)!

6. Please use real words! No, don't use "U", "R", do it like you're reading or writing a book, not a text message!

7. No 18+ stuff until next year, please

8. Don't just stop the roleplay, tell me if you don't like it.

9. Good grammar. Please, I beg you. Try to have good grammar, please.


Name:: Isabella Garciarobles
Age:: 15
Looks:: Dark skin, Soft dark eyes, Chocolate hair
Interests:: Muggle make-up, Shopping, Hanging out with friends
Activities:: Muggle piano, Muggle singing (Vocal lessons), Gymnastics (Muggle)

Name:: Ethan Brookes
Age:: 18
Looks:: Light skin, Soft dark eyes, Black hair
Interests:: Reading, Sports, YouTube
Activities:: Muggle football, soccer, and basketball

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